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N-Acetyl Glucosamine is a small multi-functional amino monosaccharide molecule that has many important physiological functions as a basic component unit of numerous polysaccharides in cells. It plays an important role in water retention, skin resilient and hydration levels in the skin. With age we experience a decline in hyaluronic acid in our skin and our skins ability to produce hyaluronic acid decreases, we also experience a reduction in the hyaluronic acid molecules found in our skin cells. NAG provides the energy needed to cells to help hyaluronic synthesis and to help slow down biological ageing and the gradual deterioration of the functional characteristics of skin cells. NAG is able to improve the skin's tissue repairing ability to help heal the injured layers of cells and slow down intrinsic ageing as well as control the inflammatory processes and prevent age-dependent changes in the skin's structure and form. It activates the skins remodelling mechanism and stimulates skin restructuring.
NAG is a natural exfoliating regulator and scavenger of free radicals that improves skin smoothness and brightens an uneven complexion, especially when combined with Niacinamide.

NAG is found in our Future Advanced Serumist ® and in Future Advanced Brightening


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